British Fruit & Veg Tea Towel

20 Aug

I bought this tea towel a week or so ago, but haven’t used it yet. It’s almost too pretty to use!


This lovely unbleached cotton tea towel is designed by Stuart Gardiner and costs £10. It’s a handy-dandy chart showing which fruit and vegetables are in season in which months.

I bought mine at the fabulous Hooper & Shaw (An Emporium of Wonderful Things) in Port Isaac, which is worth a mention itself. It’s a gallery/shop that showcases lots of handmade stuff produced by Cornish artists. They do these amazing screen prints, of which this is my favourite:

If you find yourself in Port Isaac scoping out the Doc Martin filming locations, be sure to stop in at Hooper & Shaw. They’re on Fore Street on your right as you walk out of the village, not much beyond The Old School Hotel.


One Response to “British Fruit & Veg Tea Towel”

  1. Geeta September 1, 2010 at 5:47 pm #

    Lovely towel! I covet one.

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