All Things Dodo

2 Nov

I’ve been using a Dodo diary for about five years now, ever since my dear friend Barbara gave me one for Christmas back in 2005 or so. And now I can’t imagine using any other sort of  diary or planner. Ever.

So today was a grand day at my house. My 2011 diary was delivered. I swoon at the thought of all those gorgeous empty pages to fill up!

I use the DodoPAX system, which is a three-ring binder with a looseleaf diary in it, along with all the other information I need to run my life. All in one place. It sits in a place of honour on my kitchen worktop, and is the first thing I look at every morning. If I didn’t, I’m not sure I’d ever know where to go or when to go there!

I also have a pocket sized Dodo diary to carry around with me in my handbag.

And, over the years, I’ve invested in The Dodo Book of the Big Day (for planning my wedding), The Dodo Household Stuff Book, The Dodo Book of Dates and The Dodo Book of Christmas. There are also Dodo books for cooking, gardening, pets, etc.

I now have my eye on a gorgeous Italian leather slipcover for my diary. Damn you, Lord Dodo, for inventing so many lovely things!

The very best thing about Dodo pads is that there’s loads of room for doodling. In fact, that’s the whole point of them. For each day, you get a lovely big page, usually including a joke or some pithy quotation, and all the space you want for drawing pictures, jotting down phone numbers or just general squiggling.

Quirky yet highly-organised. The Dodo pad. Buy one now.


3 Responses to “All Things Dodo”

  1. Lord Dodo November 2, 2010 at 3:27 pm #

    Goodness me what an accolade! Thank you so much! Dodelighted to hear how useful and fun you find my little wares…

    If you do want a slipcover don’t leave it too long…they are very limited edition and some colours are already completely sold out. We have natural hide, recycled and faux leather – in ever dizzyingly decreasing prices.

  2. The Hausfrau November 3, 2010 at 11:48 am #

    Oh, this looks fantastic and ever-so-British! I just went and ordered one–I was delighted to see that I could get one via U.S. amazon. Can’t wait to receive it!

  3. Carey December 21, 2010 at 6:10 pm #

    Where were you when my husband needed gift ideas? I must have one of these!

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