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Things with Birds on Them

20 Jan

I’ve been on a bit of a bird jag lately. I just bought this lovely blackbird brooch from Alison Milner:

Now I’m contemplating ordering the crow too. He’s so wonderful in a scraggy and sinister way.

And last summer I bought this seagull picnic rug from Anorak:

The problem is that now I’m seeing birds on things everywhere, and I want them all!

Look at this gorgeous 1950s wallpaper. You can buy it framed or unframed from AllPosters, but I’d like a whole wall of it:

So perhaps I’ll go for the pigeon wallpaper by Algo Mas Interiors:

Or this gorgeous Pavillion Birds Eco wallpaper from Greener Abode:

Or should I think smaller (and more affordable) and order this painted bird tea towel from Bottle Green Homes?

Or this stunning cushion from Dotmaison:

Or this one, again from Bottle Green Homes:

But I think I’m most tempted by Acorn & Will‘s lovely little plastic bird brooches. I want a whole flock!

Is it wrong to want to get married again so I can have an entire bird-themed wedding? No, I didn’t think so.


Tillie Mint House Number Plaques

17 Jan

If we had a numbered house rather than a named one, I’d buy one of these gorgeous signs from Tillie Mint in a minute!

The red cherries design above is my favourite, but I’m also quite partial to these two:

Sunday Afternoon Walks

9 Jan

It was a gorgeous, crisp, sunny day today so we set off for Bodmin Moor. Our first stop was Dozmary Pool.

Some people claim that Dozmary is the place where Sir Bedivere threw Excalibur and the home of the lady of the lake. I expressed my doubts, and a great debate about Cornwall vs Wales as the home of King Arthur ensued. I don’t think we’re likely to settle that one any time soon.

Here’s how Aubrey Beardsley depicted the mysterious arm receiving Excalibur from Bedivere:

And here’s N.C. Wyeth’s interpretation

What do you think?

Unfortunately, we were only able to walk around part of the pool because it was so wet and muddy. I was up to my ankles in squoodge and the squoodge was threatening to pull off my boots, so we retreated. From there, we went to nearby Colliford Lake, actually a reservoir, to continue our walk.

The walk was absolutely lovely and relatively dry, which is always a plus in my book:

Then, to top things off, we met these beauties on the way home:

We finally got home, tired and muddy and well-deserving of a roast dinner and a relaxing night in front of the fire.

Cox & Cox numbered vases

7 Jan

I picked up these lovely numbered vases in the Christmas sale at Cox & Cox and they’re already my favourites! Flowers are pretty scarce in the garden at this time of the year, so I just cut a few bits of greenery and popped them in. But I’m already picturing them in spring, each holding a perfect single tulip.