Pretty Thermoses

19 Mar

It feels as if spring has really sprung around here this week and that, of course, has started me thinking about picnics in the sun. Or, more likely, Cornish summers being what they are, tea and a pasty in the car in the rain. Either way, I’m going to need a new thermos and here are a few of my favourites.

The Classic Penguin Stainless Steel Flask, available from The Gifted Penguin for £16.99

The retro Beano flask, £17.99 from gottohaveit:

A William Morris anemone design flask from the V&A,  £13.75 at Present Provider:

The Albertus thermal flask, £20 from Berry Red. I like the turquoise one with the pink top best:

A lovely cricket thermos from Ladybird books, £14.95 from The Gifted Penguin:

The Scrabble stainless steel flask, only £8.99 from Great Gifts Etc.:

A thermos featuring Celia Birtwell’s Mystic Daisy print, £15.95 from House of Fraser:

But I think my top pick is this gorgeous mini leather-bound flask from Beg (the bicycle people) for £29.50. It also comes in a larger size for two people:

Happy picnicking!


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