Trevoole Farm

19 Jun

Today was one of the three days during the year that the gardens at Trevoole Farm are open to the public. As part of the National Gardens Scheme, the privately-owned gardens charge a modest admission and all the proceeds go to charity.

Despite another wet day, we set off for Trevoole in Praze-an-Beeble and had a jolly time. The gardens are truly beautiful, with a cottage garden, a herb garden, a bog garden, a rose walk, a Victorian greenhouse and a potager.

As well as the gardens, there’s a lovely shop selling bunches of flowers, vintage china, jams and marmalades and lots more.

And there’s a gorgeous tea room if you’re feeling peckish. The owners had gone to a lot of trouble setting up tables and chairs outside, but it was really raining quite heavily by the time we got there.

However, we Brits are hardy. A little rain wasn’t going to get between these ladies and their cream teas!

The grounds were cleverly decorated with little seating areas tucked away in corners.

If you live locally, Trevoole is open again on Sunday 3 July from 2-5pm. And, if you’re lucky, you may even get some sunshine! If you don’t live locally, have a look at the National Gardens Scheme website and see if there’s an open garden in your neighbourhood this summer.


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