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23 Jul

Today we took our brand new kayak – Elsie, as I’ve named her – out for her maiden voyage.

We didn’t go very far as our fitness levels are … well, let’s just say neither of us is all that athletic. We strapped ol’ Elsie to the roof of the car and set off from Porthminster Beach in St. Ives. We paddled round to Harbour Beach where we stopped and gave Elsie a chance to rest in the sun.

We did the same, too.

After a pasty and some Willy Waller‘s ice cream (lavender & honey and Ferrero Rocher), we set off back for Porthminster.

Along the way, we saw these paddle boarders, who made me very grateful for Elsie’s comfy little seats.

It was wonderful to see St. Ives from the sea rather than the usual beach or town vantage point.

Finally, we had some last minutes in the sun on Porthminster Beach before heading home.

Where to tomorrow, I wonder?


For Luna Swimsuits

10 Jul

I’ve recently discovered the stunning swimwear sold by For Luna and designed by the one and only Esther Williams! It’s all vintage-inspired and is absolutely amazing to look at and to wear. I have the cherry one-piece halter pictured above and am already contemplating investing in this beauty as well:

(Thanks to India Knight for the tip!)

Roger Williams Park and Zoo

9 Jul

While back in the U.S. recently, I spent quite a bit of time at Roger Williams Park. Back when I lived in Rhode Island, I worked at the zoo (which is in the park) as a docent, so this was definitely a return to my old stomping ground.

It’s a lovely zoo. Big enough so that there’s plenty to see, but not so big that it’s overwhelming.

Because one of my very best friends is the zoo’s Education Director, we were given a personal tour. A lot has changed since my days, so it was great to get the inside scoop!

Every summer, the zoo holds a big fundraising event called Zoobilee which is an evening function with food and drink from over 40 local restaurants, along with live music and dancing.

It’s always great fun and I’ve volunteered at it often in the past – so this year, when it turned out that I’d be in Rhode Island that week, I helped out again.

This year there were also some ‘living art’ characters, including this fabulous plant woman who emerged from a giant flower pot:

The zoo is in gorgeous Roger Williams Park, a 400+-acre park in Providence.

With lakes, a boathouse, a Temple to Music, a carousel, a planetarium, the Museum of Natural History, a Japanese garden, a rose garden, and so much more, the park is a great place to visit.

It really is one of my very favourite places.