23 Jul

Today we took our brand new kayak – Elsie, as I’ve named her – out for her maiden voyage.

We didn’t go very far as our fitness levels are … well, let’s just say neither of us is all that athletic. We strapped ol’ Elsie to the roof of the car and set off from Porthminster Beach in St. Ives. We paddled round to Harbour Beach where we stopped and gave Elsie a chance to rest in the sun.

We did the same, too.

After a pasty and some Willy Waller‘s ice cream (lavender & honey and Ferrero Rocher), we set off back for Porthminster.

Along the way, we saw these paddle boarders, who made me very grateful for Elsie’s comfy little seats.

It was wonderful to see St. Ives from the sea rather than the usual beach or town vantage point.

Finally, we had some last minutes in the sun on Porthminster Beach before heading home.

Where to tomorrow, I wonder?


One Response to “Kayaking”

  1. Liz July 23, 2011 at 4:08 pm #

    jealous! jealous!

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