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Cornish Food Market

12 Aug

Lately I’ve been ordering from Cornish Food Market and am absolutely delighted by them!

They source fresh, seasonal food from local Cornish producers and their prices are really competitive. Plus, they deliver free of charge. You can’t beat that!

They also sell amazing cheeses, cut to order and beautifully packaged:

You can also order ordinary things from them – they sell cereal, jam, tinned things, baking supplies, cleaning products, etc. There’s really no need to ever set foot in a supermarket again.

But I particularly like the ‘special’ things that I don’t see anywhere else. This week I ordered edible flowers (which were lovely scattered over a salad) and purple carrots:

I roasted the carrots with olive oil, garlic and rosemary and they were delicious.

Also on offer is sustainable fish from Newlyn, Padstow, Fowey and St. Ives; Spanish treats from Falmouth’s Courtyard Deli; fresh Indian curries made by Ruby June; and breads from the incredible Baker Tom (a personal favourite of mine).

*Special offer this week: English jamming plums, only £1 a punnet!


Chocolate & Orange Jam

8 Aug

My sister-in-law, who lives in Spain, brought us a jar of Chocolate & Orange Jam when she came to visit last week. It’s made by Chocolat Factory, and it’s heavenly – lovely bitter orange and very rich chocolate.

So far, it’s been consumed for breakfast on a flaky croissant and for dessert on top of good vanilla ice cream. Any other suggestions?

And now I just need to work out a recipe so I can have it all the time, because that one jar is not going to last long!


St. Ives Food and Drink Festival

22 May

Between Friday’s farmers’ market and today’s trip to the St. Ives Food and Drink Festival, this has been an extremely food-ful weekend. Not that I’m complaining, mind you.

It was great to see St. Ives buzzing and full of people.

And the weather couldn’t have been better.

We really only went to the food producers’ market along the pier, but that was enough to keep me dipping into my purse every minute or so.

There was local fruit and veg:

… delicious cheeses:

… smoked haddock chowder (which was scrumptious) and giant pans of paella:

…lots to wash it down with:

(The husband will report back with his verdict on the Boilers Cornish Ale later on, and I can already vouch for the yummy-ness of Polgoon’s Aval, which you can order online. It’s one of my very favourite tipples.)

…and plenty of sweet treats for afters:

I opted for Jaffa Cake which was homemade dark chocolate ice cream and orange ice cream swirled together with an orange reduction syrup type thing, and with chunks of Jaffa Cake mixed in. Heaven.

A splendid day. Shame we didn’t leave many crumbs for this fellow and his friends:

Easter Eggs

8 Apr

You only have about two weeks until Easter, so if you want to order any special Easter eggs, now’s the time to do it.

Here are some of the most fabulous eggs available this year:

The Ultimate Luxury Egg from Fortnum & Mason (£85) is actually five eggs in one, nested together like Russian dolls. The eggs are made with different levels of cocoa, starting with milk/white and ending with a 100% cooking chocolate:

These sweet little eggs and soldiers are only £7 from Hotel Chocolat:

The amazing Artichoke egg (£45) from Artisan du Chocolat is one of my favourites:

Chococo has created this fun Union Jack egg (£12.95), coloured naturally with beetroot, turmeric, grape and paprika:

I really love these adorable chicks and eggs (£22.95) from Amelie Chocolat:

The Glam Egg, from Demarquette Fine Chocolates, sells for £35 and includes six mini-eggs flavoured with Yorkshire rhubarb, Cornish sea salt, Kentish apple and pear, Somerset apricot, Devon strawberry and Scottish raspberry:

Theobroma Cacao has created beautiful hand-painted eggs for £30. I like the red one best:

The most amazing egg I’ve seen this year, however, has to be Claridge’s iconic egg (£45) inspired by the shop’s black and white Art Deco lobby. Each egg is filled with hand-made truffles and comes in a lovely eau de nil box:

But I have more modest tastes. The way to my heart will always be with salted caramel. For only £6.95, you can buy a box of Rococo Superior Seagull eggs made of gooey salted caramel and chocolate ganache. Heaven:

Newlyn Cheese

14 Dec

I had my first visit to the new Newlyn Cheese shop today, and what a treat it was!

It’s very small, but perfectly lovely and filled with the most delicious cheeses, biscuits, bread, chutneys, etc.

And who could resist cheeses with names like Miss Muffet and Ticklemore Goat?

I came home with wedges of Miss Muffet, Rachel and Cornish Blue. Miss Muffet is soft and mild and I bought it for my Gouda-loving husband. Rachel is quite possibly the yummiest cheese I’ve ever tasted. My mother-in-law thought it smelled of goat, but my sister-in-law and I were smitten. It was apparently named for an ex-girlfriend of the cheesemaker and is described as “sweet, curvy and slightly nutty.” Hah! I had to buy some of the Cornish Blue because last month it won top honours at the World Cheese Awards, the first time in a decade that a British cheese has won. And it beat 2,600 other entries!

World Cheese Awards … now why aren’t those televised?

I very nearly also bought some of the Yarg wrapped in wild garlic leaves, but decided to leave that for a future visit. And I’m confident there’ll be plenty of future visits.

Hot Chocolate Blocks

22 Sep

With cooler weather setting in and thoughts turning to cosy nights by the fire, what could be nicer than a rich mug of hot chocolate.

Melt, a fabulous London chocolatier and boutique, has developed a gorgeous range of  hot chocolate blocks.

Simply dissolve a block in a mug of hot milk and there you have it!

The blocks come in six flavours (all single origin): Venezuela Dark, Milk Madagascar, Dark Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, Caribbean and Colombia.

At only £2.50 each and wrapped so prettily, I think they make the perfect gift. Or stocking stuffer, if you’re one of those enviable people already preparing for Christmas.

You can buy the blocks online at the Melt website or, if you’re in London, visit the boutique in Notting Hill.

Handmade Marshmallows

12 Aug

How gorgeous do these look?! I don’t normally like marshmallows, but I think I’m more used to the bland, rubbery, artificial, overly sweet supermarket ones. These, however, sound delicious.

They’re from Sweet Treats Bakers and Confectioners and come in five yummy flavours: vanilla, caramel ripple, coconut, lemon meringue and raspberry. And they’re all natural, made with real fruit. A 100g-box is £2.95 from their online shop, or you can find them at a few food festivals around the UK. I think I need to order some. Now.