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Cornish Food Market

12 Aug

Lately I’ve been ordering from Cornish Food Market and am absolutely delighted by them!

They source fresh, seasonal food from local Cornish producers and their prices are really competitive. Plus, they deliver free of charge. You can’t beat that!

They also sell amazing cheeses, cut to order and beautifully packaged:

You can also order ordinary things from them – they sell cereal, jam, tinned things, baking supplies, cleaning products, etc. There’s really no need to ever set foot in a supermarket again.

But I particularly like the ‘special’ things that I don’t see anywhere else. This week I ordered edible flowers (which were lovely scattered over a salad) and purple carrots:

I roasted the carrots with olive oil, garlic and rosemary and they were delicious.

Also on offer is sustainable fish from Newlyn, Padstow, Fowey and St. Ives; Spanish treats from Falmouth’s Courtyard Deli; fresh Indian curries made by Ruby June; and breads from the incredible Baker Tom (a personal favourite of mine).

*Special offer this week: English jamming plums, only £1 a punnet!


Subversive Cross Stitch

13 Feb

Subversive Cross Stitch has some delightfully vulgar cross stitch patterns, but I chose one of their slightly less offensive offerings for my beloved on Valentine’s Day.

I bought an inexpensive frame at Mr. Cohen’s Shopping Emporium, along with some black card, and slapped it all together.

Don’t look too closely at the stitching. I had to do it when the aforementioned beloved was out, which meant stitching in a mad rush with failing light. And please don’t mention how off-centre it is. I know.

And I should probably have pressed it before framing, but it’s not easy to fit these things in in a small house on a weekend with a nosy husband afoot.

Wrapped  up in red tissue with a pink bow, it almost looks like a proper present. It’s just a shame the whisky-filled chocolates I ordered didn’t arrive in time, but I don’t imagine he’ll complain about getting them on the 15th.

Good news: The chocolates arrived!

Bad news: I just noticed that I forgot to stitch the apostrophe. Damnation.

The Yellow Book

11 Sep

I’m currently reading A.S. Byatt’s wonderful The Children’s Book which sparked my interest in The Yellow Book, a literary journal published between 1894 and 1897.

The Yellow Book was edited by Henry Harland with Aubrey Beardsley as art editor. According to Harland:

In one of the densest and soupiest and yellowest of all London’s infernalest fogs, Aubrey Beardsley and I sat together the whole afternoon … We declared to each other that we thought it quite a pity and a shame that London publishers should feel themselves longer under any obligation to refuse any of our good manuscripts … And then and there we decided to have a magazine of our own.

The journal included poetry, short stories, essays, illustrations, reproductions of paintings, etc. Some of the writers whose work appeared in the pages of The Yellow Book were Henry James, William Butler Yeats, H.G. Wells and Max Beerbohm.

Beardsley provided cover illustrations for the first four issues until he was given the sack in 1895 after the arrest of Oscar Wilde. Even though Wilde had no connections whatsoever with The Yellow Book, Beardsley had illustrated Wilde’s Salomé. That was apparently enough reason for the publishers to remove all of Beardsley’s artwork from the fifth issue of the journal.

You can download .pdfs of all 13 issues of The Yellow Book here at, which is a great resource in itself.

Eat the Seasons

29 Jul

I’ve been trying to give up supermarket shopping lately, and using only farm shops and the local farmers’ market. Of course, I still need to go to the supermarket for things like cat litter, washing powder, toothpaste, etc. But, apart from that, I’ve been doing well and feeling pretty smug about it all.

If you like to buy, cook and eat fresh seasonal produce, the Eat the Seasons website is a real treat. It tells you what’s in season, gives you information about it and then supplies you with a few recipes. You can also register for a weekly email; I’ve done that but haven’t had my first one yet.