Foraging with Fat Hen

17 Sep

Yesterday I went on a group Wild Food Day, led by Caroline Davey of Fat Hen.

We set off on a woodland and coastal walk, winding up at lovely Penberth Cove. As we went, we foraged for all kinds of edible plants, under the guidance of the very knowledgeable Caroline. We picked basket-loads of yummy bits including pennywort, sorrel, dandelion leaves, black mustard and rock samphire.

Along the way, Caroline pointed out things that are particularly deadly and which, unfortunately, tend to look an awful lot like things that are edible and delicious.

She suggested that we try to remember four things from our day, and I think I’ve just about managed that.

Arriving back at Fat Hen HQ, we prepared a sumptuous and scrumptious meal with what we’d picked. I say we, but I have to admit that Caroline did most of the work.

We started off with deep fried rock samphire and falafel. Then had a main course of mackerel cooked with fennel flowers, served with sea beets and a big salad made from all of our foraged goodies.

Caroline had prepared a fantastic cake for dessert, made from sea buckthorn berries. If I can ever persuade her to reveal her secret sea buckthorn foraging spots, I’ll die a happy woman.

Fat Hen offers Foraging Days as well as full Wild Food Weekends. See the calendar of events here and book here.

I can’t recommend Fat Hen enough! If you live in Cornwall or are planning a holiday here, do try and spend a day foraging with Caroline. You’ll learn a lot, see some spectacular scenery and have a fabulous meal as well.

And you’ll probably get to spend the day with the lovely Molly too!


One Response to “Foraging with Fat Hen”

  1. The Hausfrau September 29, 2010 at 10:52 am #

    I would really love to do something like this! I’m wanting to learn more about foraging.

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